I'm Sorry I'm Away So Much...

Hi guys. I am. Really sorry. I've been neglecting you, my avid blog readers, but it's not because I don't love you any more. I haven't found something better to do with my time - I've just been getting used to being on my own. It's been hard. I miss Jenny. I miss Bubba and Harambe. I miss having food made for me, having somewhere guaranteed warm to sleep and food on the table. Most of all, I miss Lieutenant Nad. She's my bestest best good friend and I wish she was here. It's also been harder work, even though I have a new best good friend in Pramsolo. I was also sad because I lost a shoe, though that's another story entirely. The main reason I haven't posted anything is because I physically can't from my phone, for some reason and I couldn't update my map either, hence maybe some of you thinking i was having a right whale of a time in Jackson, TN. I have however been making my way across the country. I've been meeting lots of lovely people. Everything got very exciting in Tennessee after I was on the news twice after my pal Mason called all the stations and lots of folks would stop for photos and to help me out. People are so friendly here, I can't even start to list what they did for me, or explain how much it meant. I ran through Nashville where I made a record and got some special new socks from a new pal and Knoxville, where I met another new brewery pal who was VERY excited about the run and crossed into Virginia where I had my scariest night and also a wonderful experience at the Afton Bike House (Thank you, posthumously, Cookie Lady). I went to Washington though I didn't see the new President, just a very big old one, who didn't say much. Philadelphia was sunny, though there seemed to be a lot of commotion around some steps that meant I had to stay at the bottom with Mr Balboa (I saw him in a movie once. He was very brave.). New York was big and shiny and I said hello to an old friend of mine from Liverpool, who though I never met him, means a lot to me. He's got a special place in the park there. A new friend drove me all the way to Boston where 40,000 people let me join their party on the road, with ten times more partying harder either side of us. Two super good runners met me in a pub after to say hello and share stories, with some of my oldest pals. Boston was so good I went back there and did it all again and saw even more old friends, with one of them deciding to join me and ride his bike all the way to the ocean with me. It's rained all day, through three states and now I'm in a nice hotel, waiting for dinner to arrive (A nice lady we met paid for it and some other friendly people may have paid for a couple more meals today!). So I'm currently sat here at a computer and I can speak to you all again. Don't worry - I'm writing down all my experiences and I will catch up when I can and I'll be sure to let you know when I do. In the meantime, I'll try and keep you updated by those Facebook, Twitter and Instagram things and maybe even post the odd YouTube video. I have some pizza to be eating now, so must dash. 

Thanks for being there for me, even though I know many of you are far away.